Weather Data – Tiputini Biodiversity Station

The Tiputini Biodiversity Station has a Davis Instruments 6163 Wireless Vantage Pro2 Plus Weather Station with Fan-Aspirated Radiation Shield. It is mounted on top of a water tower at about 18 m above ground in clear view of the sky and about equal with the surrounding canopy. There is also a remote station in the forest at 1.5 m above ground and about 20 m from the lab building. Scroll down to see pictures. The coordinates for the main station are -0.63684, -76.14968, 247 masl; and -0.63694, -76.14963, 230 masl for the interior forest station.

These wireless stations were provide courtesy of the TADPOLE Organization in July 2010.

We are starting to compile and make this data available here.

2010 – Tiputini Weather Data

IMG_1019IMG_1073 IMG_1094