www.yasuninationalpark.org needs your help with our website

www.yasuninationalpark.org is a website for all things Yasuni. As one of the most biodiverse spots on our planet its worthy of documenting everything we can, good and bad. Whether you are just an observer on the internet, a visitor, a researcher, or an inhabitant of this incredible part of our planet we need your help. We are looking for a few dedicated individuals to help us keep up with posts, add content to pages, and build our Mendeley reference library. We are also looking for advanced WordPress users who can improve the visibility of the site on the web and its overall appearance. Additionally, we would like to advance the development of our species databases and would like to add other features such as photo albums.

This is a volunteer opportunity but your work won’t go unappreciated or unnoticed and will benefit Yasuni. Your efforts will be acknowledged in your contributions on the website and you can have the satisfaction of knowing you’ve done something to help preserve Yasuni for generations to come.

If this opportunity interests you and are able to contribute to this effort please contact Dr. Shawn McCracken (frocga@gmail.com). Please include a short cover letter and your CV/Resume.


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